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Comic Potential

12 March, 2018 @ 20:00 to 22:30

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Daily until 17 March, 2018

by Alan Ayckbourn | directed by Malcolm Jones

Performance dates

Monday, 12th – Saturday, 17th March 2018, 8pm

Bromley Theatre Guild Full-Length Play Festival Entry 2018

** Please only audition if you can make all performance dates **

Auditions: Sunday 29 October @ 6pm, Tuesday 31 October @ 8pm

Comic Potential  is a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, written and first performed in 1998 when it swept the board in Best Actress Awards for Janie Dee as Jacie. It is set in the foreseeable future in a world in which television actors have been replaced by androids (called “actoids”). It is a satire on the television industry, It also creates nostalgia for the golden age of comedy of Buster Keaton and Oliver Hardy and at heart it is also a love story, as Adam falls  in love with young nurse actoid JCF31-333, renamed Jacie Tripplethree.


Adam Trainsmith – casting age 20-40 (male)  Adam has found his way into the TV studio through his family connections. He is a film geek and is a huge fan of one time comedy movie director Chandler Tate. However he falls in love with actoid, Jacie Tripplethree, and his problems begin.

Chandler Tate – casting age 40-60 (male) – Embittered ex-director of movie comedies, now reduced to working on a hospital soap opera, He is caustic, sarcastic, world weary and occasionally belligerent  but with a secret heart of gold.

Jacie Tripplethree – casting age 25-45 (female) – Irresistible young nurse “actoid”, Jacie is wide eyed and innocent, but like a magpie, learning and copying human behaviour with amazing speed.. A part that requires an affinity for slapstick, comic timing and versatility, as Jacie expounds her extensive dialogue in an array of accents and styles.

Prim Spring – casting age 25-40 (female) – dependable and efficient TV programmer, Prim is aware of her rights and demands respect.

Carla Pepperbloom – casting age 30-55 (female) – the tyrannical department head, Carla is the villain of the piece, elegant but intensely jealous and vindictive, dictatorial and demanding.

Trudi Floote Girl in Dress Shop – casting age 20-35 (female) – two parts to be played by the same actor. Trudi is the harassed TV studio technician and runner (also camera operator) and partner of Prim Spring.  Doubling role, Girl in Dress Shop,

Doctor Farmer Man in dress shop Turkey – casting age 30-50 (male) – four parts played ideally by the same actor. A versatility challenge, as these roles cannot be more different. The Doctor is actually soap opera actoid LM05623 who also plays the concerned Farmer, supporting actor in Adam’s dream project for Jacie, Turkey is the seedy, aggressive and violent but ultimately cowardly pimp.

Mother Farmer’s Wife Dress Shop assistant Prostitute – casting age 30-50 (female) – again four roles to be played ideally by the same actor. Mother is actually soap opera actoid , who sits weeping while the Doctor gives the tragic news about her son. Farmer’s wife, is a part of Adam’s new project for Jacie. The intensely snooty. Dress shop assistant helping Jacie choose clothes and the Prostitute who thinks that Jacie is “muscling in” on her “patch”.

Lester Trainsmith – Hotel Desk Clerk – Hotel waiter 1 – casting age 40-60 (male) – three roles ideally played by the same actor. Lester is Adam’s uncle, the Svengali head of the studio, wheelchair bound and wheeled about by his obsequious assistant Marmion, who does all his speaking for him. The Hotel Desk Clerk and Hotel waiter 1

Son – Marmion – Hotel waiter 2 – Technician – casting age 20-35 (male) – four roles played ideally by the same actor. The Son is actually soap opera actoid LJM 54823, taking part in the hospital story. Marmion is Lester’s assistant and translator, speaking for Lester by means of a futuristic earpiece. Hotel waiter and the Technician leads Jacie to her apparent destruction in the very poignant end of the play.

For further information email: malcolm@mjassocs.demon.co.uk

Tel: 07747 858600


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12 March, 2018
20:00 to 22:30
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