Open Auditions: Handbagged

By Moira Buffini | Directed by Kyle Cluett | By arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Performance Dates: Monday 26 June – Saturday 01 July @ 8:00pm


Audition dates: Sunday 12 March @ 4pm & Tuesday, 14 March @ 8pm

Moira Buffini’s Handbagged is a genius comedy about the relationship between Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The play looks at the relationship as it might have been between them using four actresses to portray different stages of their association. Q and T (the older versions) look back at their relationship, whilst Liz and Mags (the younger versions) bring to life their time together.

The clash of these four women create a hilarious and poignant piece of theatre. The inclusion of two male actors, Actor 1 and Actor 2, playing multiple male (and one female) roles, completes the ensemble. It’s a play that will delight audiences of any age, religion and political belief and offers a great opportunity for talented and versatile actors.

CHARACTERS (Please note ages given are playing ages and can be flexible)

Female Cast:
– Older Margaret Thatcher, (60s)
Q – Older Queen Elizabeth II (60s)
Mags – Younger Margaret Thatcher (40s-50s)
Liz – Younger Queen Elizabeth II (40s-50s)

Male Cast:
Actor 1 – Multiple Characters as listed below (mid 20s – mid 30s)
– A Palace Footman
– A Protester
– Kenneth Kaunda – First President of Zimbabwe
– Nancy Reagan – First Lady, Ronald Reagan’s Wife
– Michael Shea – Queen Elizabeth’s Press Secretary (Scottish)
– Neil Kinnock – Labour Party Leader during Thatcher’s time (Welsh)
– Enoch Powell – Conservative MP, then Ulster Union Party MP
– Kenneth Clarke – Conservative MP, Thatcher’s cabinet member

Actor 2 – Multiple Characters as listed below (early 50s – 60s)
– Dennis Thatcher – Margaret Thatcher’s husband
– Peter Carrington – Conservative Politician and Foreign Secretary
– Geoffrey Howe – Chancellor of the Exchequer/Foreign Secretary (Welsh)
– Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the United States (American)
– Arthur Scargill – National Union for Miners Leader (Yorkshire)
– Gerry Adams – IRA Politician (Irish)
– Rupert Murdoch – Founder of News Corporation (Australian)
– Prince Philip – Queen Elizabeth II Husband
– Michael Heseltine – Conservative MP, Thatcher’s challenger (Welsh)

Please note that to audition for any of these roles you will need to be fully prepared and able to imitate the characters listed. Male actors need to prepare all accents, as given, and female actors need to be able to imitate Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II. Check out films such as The Queen and The Iron Lady, plus period newsreel clips on YouTube, to get familiar with their accents.

Please contact Kyle Cluett for further details and more information. Kyle would also like to hear from anyone interested in working on sound, lighting or backstage for this production.