Book Now: Pests

By Vivienne Franzmann | Directed by Kyle Cluett | By arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Performance Dates: Monday 26 June – Saturday 01 July @ 8:00pm

Pink – Megan McGery
Rolly – Fifi Benham

Pink and Rolly are sisters. After a tough childhood and a past that haunts them they are as close as siblings can be having supported each other without limitation to survive. Rolly returns from a stint in prison to find Pink stuck in her ways; drug addiction, prostitution, debt. The life they have always known. Pink needs Rolly but Rolly wants a chance at a better life for herself and her unborn child. Will she be able to leave Pink, her big sister who always looked out for her? Even then, will Pink let her go?

With very strong language throughout and sensitive content that could be distressing, this hard-hitting drama examines “how and why women end up in prison”.  Playwright Vivienne Franzmann, explained to The Guardian her intention “to show cause and effect, not to sensationalise, not to judge, not to shame”. Pests is an “experience [which] is authentic, the play is authentic”. So come along and see Pests to experience a reality which will, hopefully, move you to your core and leave you thinking and wanting more.

Pests was commissioned by Clean Break as a co-production with the Royal Court in London and the Royal Exchange in Manchester. Clean Break was set up in 1979 by two women prisoners who believed that theatre could bring the hidden stories of imprisoned women to a wider audience. Still the only women’s theatre company of its kind, Clean Break has remained true to these roots, and continues to inspire playwrights and captivate audiences with their ground-breaking plays on the complex and controversial themes of women and crime.

Tickets are available from the Box Office on 07500 908331.